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Our team of professionals will take account any requirements, and any needs. The perfect website for your business is one that truly understands its business


Development Proposal

Our development team will deliver a proposal to further develop your website suitably according to your business needs



Our in-house editors will write appealing content relevant to your services to penetrate search filters and reach your target audience



Our engineers will work constantly to acquire reputable backlinks from unique publishers online from time to time. Backlinks contribute to over 60% of rankings in search



A website in the beginning is a window of opportunity that will lead to future growth. To ensure that this opportunity turns into favourable outcomes, one needs to take care of the website at every step. As a web development company Singapore, SledgeWerkz’s works in a subsequent manner and ensures the active running of your website. With our complete design, development and marketing solutions, there is no stopping your website from reaching the top.

Why settle for Web design and development?

Whether selling products, an idea, services or providing company details, your website is the backbone of your company. Things are moving so fast today and by going online you can instantly connect with your customers. While minimising the physical work, you can actually share information about your company, your products and services to a large customer base, instantly.

Web design and development are the two procedures that allow your website to nourish and work in the manner your desire. It takes into account all the minute and big details of your website and put it together to form a cohesive outcome.

Design and development is also necessary because it paves way for a well-functioning website. The company you work with is responsible for your website’s functionality and the tools with which your website will get the required attention.

Why choose our services?

As you put aside a budget for your website, you take into consideration many factors—the design, functionality, its look and appeal, maintenance and so on. By joining hands with a web development company Singapore like SledgeWerkz, all these considerations turn into gradual steps through which we create and develop your website, entirely. Our strategies work further in ensuring that your website is able to work on all channels and merges with all digital marketing tools for optimum results.

Reasons to choose SledgeWerkz

The best way to make your website stand out, is to be different. We are able to give you a diverse range of unique designs that you get to choose according to your liking. Our highly specialised team is also able to make your website to have a smooth seamless multi-platform, including mobile-friendly, and interactive functionality. Remember, “It is better to fail in originality than to fail in imitation.”

When you are willing to invest your money for your website, you want to make sure that the final website is worth the money and for us there is nothing more important than making sure to give you the best services. We want your business to grow and succeed, so we will give you the best website that can be usable for a long term as well.

Working fast is a motto that we live by. Our team made of professional developers, and designers will assure you that your projects will be finished in no time. Time is money afterall.

Designing a website is just half-part of the difficult task. Surely, you want your website to be known and accessed easily by the public, and making it appear in search engines is the other half-part of the battle. Thus, you want someone who understands how search engines work to be working by your side.

Creating the website of your dreams might cost you a lot of money. But not with Sledgewerkz, we believe that a good, visually pleasing website is a right that everyone can have. Our web  design services is far more affordable than

One thing that we FREQUENTLY hear from many people with their web designers is that they often disappear, and it makes them difficult to update on their websites. However, Sledgewerkz truly prioritise communication, and we take feedbacks very seriously. You will not have to worry because our service is accessible 24/7.

Our Services

Beautiful Designs

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Multi Language

Content Mangament System

A Content Management System (CMS) is useful for the maintenance of your website. It can be used to add pages, add products, change colours, adding new text and so on. The possibility is endless. A CMS can enable our clients to make changes on their own, speeding up the process of making changes.

Some platforms that we develop on:

  • WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Drupal


Data science and analysis of your website helps greatly in increasing your conversion rate. Important data such as the percentage of people using mobile phones versus on desktop to view your website, bounce rate and location where your website is being viewed can all be tracked.

Device Responsive

Mobile friendly websites are important in today's day and age. A responsive web design is crucial as people nowadays are not just browsing through their desktops, but also through their phones.

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