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We understand how tiring it is to find a reliable web developer to not only design your website but to also develop it properly.SledgeWerkz is one of the only Web development agencies in Singapore that cares about our client, offering AAA Grade quality without compromising speed, service and affordability!

Why Choose us instead of other developers and free options?

Others agencies

Established design and development firms in Singapore charges too much, up to $5000 for a simple website. However, freelancers usually lack the experience and knowledge to offer you the best service. They may offer great prices but usually offers bad service and quality, sometimes even scamming you!


“Free” web design websites

There are many “free” web design websites out there such as Wix. Those websites are free, but if you require better themes, customisations and features, they usually charge exorbidant prices for that, and they are paid in recurring payments, meaning that for just a simple website, you may be paying upwards of $40 per month. Support and customisation are usually non existent.

Web development

 A beautiful website makes a lasting impression.

Mobile friendly

We live in a fast paced society. Most website views comes from mobile devices, therefore, our websites are designed with mobile devices in mind.

Latest and trending designs

We always keep up with the trends, giving you the freshest and most beautiful designs.

Fast and optimised websites

Our websites are optimised to run fast.

SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimised websites are more likely to be found.

Website ready as fast as 7 days

Our developers work hard and fast to ensure that we get your websites up and running in a nick of time!

Content Management System (CMS)

All of our websites comes with a CMS. A CMS is enables anyone to be able to edit their websites, add new pages, posts and more.

Blogging system enabled

Every websites comes with a blogging system.


Hosting and Domain Setup

We will help you purchase your hosting and domain plans which are suitable for your needs.

World-Class Support

Even after the final payment has been made, our team will provide you with free support if you require!

E-Commerce Web development

You get every awesome features above plus these at the same affordable price!

Advance analytics

Our advance backend comes with a inventory management system, order statistics and many more!

Unlimited Products

You are able to sell as many products as you desire! The sky’s the limit.

Wide variety of payment gateway

Be it payment with Credit/Debit card, AliPay, PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash on delivery. It can all be done!

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