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Website Design with Content Management System

Having a website for your new business or startup is a great business opportunity. Your website is also the key of your company brand and identity. Having your own business website allows you to interact and build trust with your future customers. It is truly an integral step for your digital marketing strategies.

Every website that we design will be guaranteed to have great key features such as:

  • A built-in content management system
  • Original, eye-catching, and modern design
  • Mobile friendly layouts
  • Strategic SEO plans
  • ...And many more

E-Commerce Design and Development

In a modern society, people are getting more ahead with their careers thus making them have a less time for regular activities, like shopping. It is why e-commerce platforms have been one of the greatest alternatives for many people, especially in a busy cities within Singapore. With the introduction of ecommerce, people are now able to shop on the convenience of their mobile devices.

E-Commerce websites designed by SledgeWerkz comes with key features such as:

  • A built-in content management system and enhanced stock management system
  • Excellent categorisation of products
  • Varieties of product variations
  • Original, modern, and eye-catching designs
  • Mobile friendly layouts
  • SEO friendly
  • ...And many more

Web application Development

A web application is more than a website. It is a system with account management features and enables our client to address a particular problem. An example of a web application may be a CRM system, ERP system or a reservation system

Websites designed by SledgeWerkz comes with key features such as:

  • PHP or .NET based
  • Full database functionality
  • Self-hosted or hosted
  • ... And many more

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