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Our Process

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Our team will analyse your needs and requirements and understand your business in propose the perfect Ecommerce solution.


Development Proposal

Our development team will analyse your business needs and come up with a proposal for the development of your e commerce website.



Our experiences and hardworking developers will bring dream website into a reality. We will work closely with you to fine tune the website to perfection.



After perfecting your e commerce website, our project managers will provide a handover session at the end of the project. We will guide our clients on the entire system and how to manage.

How E-Commerce Web Development can florish your business in a swift


We are an IT solution company that is composed with experienced professionals and IT developers that are ready to help with your digital marketing strategy. We guarantee that we only strive for efficiency and perfection in terms of building e-commerce websites. Sledgewerkz is your best partner for we offer countless end to end services to plan, and we’re ready to implement and operate your E-commerce business anytime.

Why go E Commerce?

E-Commerce is slowly becoming a need for consumers worldwide. In a busy city like Singapore, more people have lesser time to go shopping in real physical stores, preferring online shopping on their computers or mobile phones that is easier, and more time efficient.

Benefits of an ECommerce web development Singapore

  • Cost-effective marketing strategy - Digital marketing that increases traffic to your website is an even better marketing strategy instead of traditional marketing methods. Traditional methods might not be as effective in this day and age while digital marketing strategies are cost-effective, and very easy to manage.
  • Low cost maintenance - After charging a one-time development fee, you’ll be good to go forever

Why SledgeWerkz?

Using an ecommerce web development service might actually be the smartest marketing strategy for your business. Now, you may have already heard that it is becoming easier and easier over time to design and develop your own website. There are many free website-building platforms that allow you to design websites easily. Services that offer you a ready-to-use templates and themes. But although these platforms might come in handy, there are several things that free templates still lacks. Here are few reasons why you should work with Singapore’s best ecommerce web developer  instead..

Reasons to choose SledgeWerkz

The best way to make your website stand out, is to be different. We are able to give you a diverse range of unique designs that you get to choose according to your liking. Our highly specialised team is also able to make your website to have a smooth seamless multi-platform, including mobile-friendly, and interactive functionality. Remember, “It is better to fail in originality than to fail in imitation.”

When you are willing to invest your money for your website, you want to make sure that the final website is worth the money and for us there is nothing more important than making sure to give you the best services. We want your business to grow and succeed, so we will give you the best website that can be usable for a long term as well.

Working fast is a motto that we live by. Our team made of professional developers, and designers will assure you that your projects will be finished in no time. Time is money afterall.

Designing a website is just half-part of the difficult task. Surely, you want your website to be known and accessed easily by the public, and making it appear in search engines is the other half-part of the battle. Thus, you want someone who understands how search engines work to be working by your side.

Creating the website of your dreams might cost you a lot of money. But not with Sledgewerkz, we believe that a good, visually pleasing website is a right that everyone can have. Our web  design services is far more affordable than

One thing that we FREQUENTLY hear from many people with their web designers is that they often disappear, and it makes them difficult to update on their websites. However, Sledgewerkz truly prioritise communication, and we take feedbacks very seriously. You will not have to worry because our service is accessible 24/7.

Our Services

Beautiful Designs

Inventory Management System

Unlimited Products

Payment Processing

SEO Optimised


Reporting and analysis

Multi Vendor Capabilities

Multi Language

Product Variation

Product variations are useful to subcategorise products. For example, you would like to add a product such as a T-Shirt. There are many variables to take into consideration such as size and colour. With product variations, you are able to define them in a breeze.

Content Mangament System

A Content Management System (CMS) is useful for the maintenance of your website. It can be used to add pages, add products, change colours, adding new text and so on. The possibility is endless. A CMS can enable our clients to make changes on their own, speeding up the process of making changes.

Some platforms that we develop on:

  • WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Drupal

Inventory Mangagement System

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is an integral part of any commerce activity. It helps keep track of stocks and alert the shop administrator of stocks that are running out, prompting to restock.

Reporting and Analysis

To be able to sustain a profitable business, statistics and data is important in order to streamline your processes. Our powerful Reporting and Analysis system allows you to easily view the data, allowing you to export to an CSV file as well for offsite analysis.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is a key in ecommerce web development. Without a payment processor, you would not be able to change your customer digitally.

Here are some payment processor that we can integrate:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • PayLah/PayNow
  • AliPay
  • Apple Pay
  • eNETS
  • Grab pay
  • SledgePay
  • ... And many more

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