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Sledgewerkz will understand your industry needs and requirement to determine sets of keywords which would drive relevant traffic into your site



Based on your industry, competition and inherent characteristic of your site, we create strategy to match or beat the competition



Our in-house editors will write appealing content relevant to your services to penetrate search filters and reach your target audience



Our engineers will work constantly to acquire reputable backlinks from unique publishers online from time to time. Backlinks contribute to over 60% of rankings in search

Why SEO Service Singapore?


In competitive markets, SEO services is used as the most powerful tool to strengthen your business marketing. Using SEO services is actually a cost-effective, and time efficient way to increase the quality of your websites by making it easier to navigate. Over time, more and more people use SEO services, so you wouldn’t want to miss out right?
For the best SEO service, Sledgewerkz is the most perfect choice for you. Our team or professionals and leading expertise will maximise your websites for search engines, and improve its ranking in no time. If you still have second thoughts on hiring a SEO Service, here below are more of reasons why you should use one now!

SEO services allow you to strengthen your business’ identity effortlessly, because the service will expose your website and business to a large audience by making it appear frequently in search engines.

Building your brand identity effortlessly

They say that you are who you say you are and so by building your brand identity, you can enhance your identity to your audience. With a steady exposure to a wide range of audience, you already have a foundation of a strong brand identity and SEO services allow you to strengthen your business’ identity to be easier. Because the service will expose your website and business to a large audience by making it appear frequently in search engines. When your company has a dependable, strong, and big identity, surely there will be more people who are willing to buy from you, thus your business can flourish in no time.

Grow your website traffic

SEO Service will help your website to show up more often in the result pages. It also allows your website to have more click-through rate by having web descriptions as well as suitable website tags optimised. Thus it also promotes an increase in qualified web traffic. Not to worry though, unlike traffic that we mostly hate in busy streets, we actually do appreciate a bit of traffic for our websites, and the more traffic you gain the better it would be for your business.  SEO services does it by placing its focus on developing informative, relevant keywords, as well as suitable title tags and meta descriptions for your websites.

Better first impression

If your website is able to rank high on search engines like google, your business and website will have a lead ahead of its competitor. A strong search engine optimisation will not only increase your ability to rank, but will have more reliability for future customers. Optimisation is a critical first step that helps search engines know that your site has the answers users are looking for. When you rank high on a search engine, you become the number one answer to what people are looking for.

Keeping up with the competitions

With help of SEO services, you can have your website be more distinct from other competitors. Using SEO is also very beneficial for promoting website and business online. If people can find your website by searching Google (the most highly used search engine) then they are also more likely to promote it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels. Competitions will be easier when you have the fame wouldn’t it?

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