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Sledgewerkz will understand your industry needs and requirement to determine sets of keywords which would drive relevant traffic into your site



Based on your industry, competition and inherent characteristic of your site, we create strategy to match or beat the competition



Our in-house editors will write appealing content relevant to your services to penetrate search filters and reach your target audience



Our engineers will work constantly to acquire reputable backlinks from unique publishers online from time to time. Backlinks contribute to over 60% of rankings in search

Why SEO Service Singapore?


If you are planning to enter the digital world, you must be familiar with SEO. It is a digital marketing tool that helps manage your website through promotion and connecting you with your potential and targeted audience. SledgeWerkz’s SEO services Singapore are a great way to add SEO to your digital marketing plan and make way for success online presence. While SEO comes with several benefits for your business, following are some highlights for you...

Builds your brand identity and creates a good impression

If your website works using SEO, it will leave a good impression on your advertisers and promoters. Also, through SEO, your search engine rankings will benefit and result in users reaching out to your website. SEO thus adds to the overall functionality and visibility of your website with promising results.

SEO services help your website move in the desired direction. As a SEO Company Singapore, SledgeWerkz has shown proven results through its SEO campaigns. It keeps your website active through on-page and off-page content, blogs, social media etc. to ensure that your website is always in the focus.

Increase in traffic

If you want results to show and that too for a long period of time, SEO is the apt way to move forward. It brings users to your website through relevant searches that are linked to your website. With more targeted users your website’s traffic will increase resulting in the overall profit and awareness among different users.

Online promotion and presence

SEO places your website on platforms where it will get highlighted the most and can further be merged with Social media and content marketing tools. SledgeWerkz’s SEO Singapore services thus boost your website’s performance and markets it well amongst the targeted area. It further acknowledges the website’s potential and builds a wider network.

Keeping up with the competitions

With help of SEO services, you can have your website be more distinct from other competitors. Using SEO is also very beneficial for promoting website and business online. If people can find your website by searching Google (the most highly used search engine) then they are also more likely to promote it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels. Competitions will be easier when you have the fame wouldn’t it?

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