WooCommerce is an Ecommerce platform.

WooCommerce is a WordPress ecommerce plugin, which turns it into a Ecommerce website. Woocommerce is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there as it is not only free, it has a huge community built around it.

What features does it bring?

It enables the add-to-cart feature, most notably on an ecommerce website. After adding to cart, an online payment gateway such as Stripe and PayPal can be integrated to process online credit or debit card payments.

Order Alerts

There are many features that Woocommerce brings to the table to automate your processes such as order alerts. As soon as an order comes in, you will be alerted via email.

Inventory Management System

After every order, the inventory management system will reduce the stock count of the specific product.

Product Variation

Product variation is a very important feature when it come to ecommerce. Let’s assume that you are selling T-shirts. There are many sizes to choose from apart from the colours of the shirt. All this variations can be easily added into WooCommerce when creating a product.

Ecommerce product variation.
Source – WooCommerce Docs

Import & Export Products

Managing a huge ecommerce website with a lot of products? Fret not.

You can easily draft out an CSV/excel document, including the name of the product, prices, description etc and import it into your website.

You may also export it for the purpose of porting your products over to another website, or keeping it as a backup.

Coupon Codes

You may issue a coupon code to give discounts to your customers too. Coupon codes can be limited to any number of redemptions. A fixed discount, percentage discount can be issued. There are also many other settings to choose from.

Coupon code system in WooCommerce

Order Management System

Each and every order will be displayed on a table. You may change its status from processing to completed to shipped. Your customers will be alerted of the status change via email.

WooCommerce order management system .
Source – WooCommerce Docs

Categories and tags

You can categorise your products easily with WooCommerce. You can even add subcategories to better sort your products.

Tags can be added to help the search engine within your ecommerce website to find the exact product the customer wants.


WooCommerce comes with a reporting system where you can view statistic of transactions on your website. The data is displayed with the help of charts and graphs. You may even export it to CSV to generate your own statistics.

… And many more

WooCommerce with WordPress is a powerful combination. There are many more features that is not covered by this article. Additional and more complex features such as a drag and drop product customiser can also be added via the use of a WooCommerce/WordPress plugin.

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